Welcome to Youtopia!

The social media platform where YOU and YOUR ideas can make a difference!

Being at home in 2020 during the pandemic, many have found themselves increasingly dependent on social media to stay connected to people. While we may be grateful for a technology that allows us to keep in touch, many of us have become progressively disturbed by the atmosphere of negativity and hate. Youtopia wants to provide a way to harness the power of community that social media provides without the toxicity that now pervades other platforms. If you are looking for a positive environment in which to stay connected to people, we invite you to join Youtopia.

Youtopia is a place for people who want to make a beneficial impact on the world–whether that involves growing as individuals, enacting change at a local level, or impacting the world as a whole. Our goals are broad so we can accommodate as many ideas as we have members because Youtopia is about you and your ideas. The only stipulation is a desire to be a positive force for change.

Through this platform, members will be able to share their insights, ideas for change, and motivational experiences. When we share our life stories–be they troubles or triumphs–we give encouragement and hope to others. Equally important, we discover the depths of our own empathy, grit, and wisdom. 

Under the Groups tab, members can organize groups around specific issues. We envision Youtopia as a hub bringing together people from different backgrounds, interests, experiences, and talents to learn from each other, provide information, and organize on local, national, and global issues. Some ideas currently brewing include:

Clean up downtown LA

Los Angeles, a beautiful city that sparkles in the California sunshine, like all cities still has its share of folks who litter. Let’s work together and clean it up neighborhood by neighborhood.

The “Be Kind” Movement

You know the mother with the screaming toddler in the grocery store line? A smile or an encouraging remark is better than any coupon in her wallet. That tent city under the local freeway pass? It is made up of people who have met unthinkable circumstances and now face life without a home. Whether it is an individual or the less fortunate in our community, this group looks at how we can make a difference. It might be just a kind word, it might be starting a crowd-sourcing effort, or it could involve pressuring city leaders to create better policy. Let’s work together to make life better for those around us.

The Green New Deal

Between out of control fires, deadly winters, animals threatened with distinction, plastic bottle islands in our oceans, etc., our environment is in trouble. This group looks at ideas and actions that address these problems, asking how we can change policy, practices, and lifestyles that harm the environment. Let’s work together to protect the earth’s resources for generations to come.

Youtopia, The City

It’s a big idea. But why not dream big? As this platform grows and brings together all of our resources, who says we cannot conglomerate, plan, advertise, and execute the very first Youtopian city? Let’s work together to prove that such an ecosystem can prevail and be sustainable. 

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